Sunday, September 25, 2005

Getting old or just sneezing too hard

No I'm not talking about a bladder problem. I'm actually talking about my mind and its recent inability to deliver words to me correctly. I don't know what's going on, but more and more I find myself at a loss for words, turns of phrase, simple expressions of thought, and even clich├ęs. I can't seem to articulate the thoughts that are swimming around my head. It's possible that this is because I'm getting older (hitting the big three oh next year), or that I sneeze too hard and lose precious braincells as a result, or maybe it's that I was never really that good and am only coming to terms with it now. There is another possibility. It could be that in the pursuit of a better grasp of the language, I've become a little too self-conscious of the way that I speak/write and it's spawned an insecurity in me that inhibits my ability to formulate my thoughts in a cohesive and (uhm, uhm... what was that word... thesaurus... on yeah!) timely way.