Thursday, September 29, 2005

Truth in advertising

There's so much I could and want to say, but maybe it's better if you see for yourself:

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Getting old or just sneezing too hard

No I'm not talking about a bladder problem. I'm actually talking about my mind and its recent inability to deliver words to me correctly. I don't know what's going on, but more and more I find myself at a loss for words, turns of phrase, simple expressions of thought, and even clich├ęs. I can't seem to articulate the thoughts that are swimming around my head. It's possible that this is because I'm getting older (hitting the big three oh next year), or that I sneeze too hard and lose precious braincells as a result, or maybe it's that I was never really that good and am only coming to terms with it now. There is another possibility. It could be that in the pursuit of a better grasp of the language, I've become a little too self-conscious of the way that I speak/write and it's spawned an insecurity in me that inhibits my ability to formulate my thoughts in a cohesive and (uhm, uhm... what was that word... thesaurus... on yeah!) timely way.


Monday, September 19, 2005

the simple web

As you know (yes, all one of you) I'm a web developer by day and an aspiring author by night. Except that maybe I'm a little lacking in the commitment necessary for the latter. At any rate, I want to let you know that my time will be divided between passable and the simple web, my new web development blog. That's where I'll discuss the work that inspires me and puts food on the table. (Thank God). Enjoy.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Fountain Pen


Somewhere a hero waits to save the day
A leader waits to lead the way
But not right now
Not just yet
Let's just have fun for one more day

Somewhere a warrior wants to win the war
A conqueror wants to conquer
But not right now
Not just yet
Let's escape and run away

Somewhere a helper wants to help
A servant wants to serve
But not right now
Not just yet
So much to see, so little time

The passing of time goes unfelt
The numbness is fed
The feeding feeds on itself
What a waste
What a waste

Somewhere a teacher longs to teach
A wise man to share his wisdom
But not right now
Not just yet
Can't slow down, must go faster

Somewhere an innovator wants to innovate
A visionary with a vision
But not right now
Not just yet
Too distracted, too...

Somewhere a lover wants to love
A heart longs to share
But not right now
Not just yet
Distortion distracts

So much potential, so much wasted
Discipline yields to sloth
Purpose gives way to selfishness
And the world writhes in pain while I play

While I play

Decay, decay, the rot of today
It's all the same yet seemingly new
Under the surface the potential lay
Nothing is different from yesterday

And the world writes while I play

While I play

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